Photo: Matthew Steed
Matthew Seed: The Horse Photographer
A unique technical approach to horse photography and a mastery of flash lighting creates an artistic study of his equine subjects, creating bespoke equine photographic works of art.

Matthew Seed's style is founded on the technical abilities acquired during 20+ years as one of Britain's leading commercial and fashion photographers.

Allied to that experience is an even longer-standing love of horses and appreciation of their place in art history. His subjects have included working animals, fmaily horses, and some of racing's elite Thoroughbreds.

End of the Day

To produce a powerful portrait of wither human or animal means infusing the image with a sense of personality. To do that requires a connection between the artist and the subject.

The secret lies in his ability to put horses at ease in order to gain their trust and cooperation.

Walk in the Sun

Seed relies on a combination of natural and artificial light, the beauty of the horse and the setting to produce his art.

Brand New & Beautiful

He finds great satisfaction in producing work capable of of striking a chord with owners, critics, and art lovers across the globe.

One thing is certain: Matthew Seed intends to continue making still more breathtaking images of the horses which he captures so well.

Acclaimed for his ability to connect with and capture the horses he depicts, Matthew's photography is available as both private commissions and limited edition equine art.

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